Rental Property Management: Who Pays for Repairs? Get Answers Now

Rental Property Management: Who Pays for Repairs? Get Answers Now

Owning a short-term vacation home in Greensboro, Georgia, is an excellent way to earn passive income, thanks to the area's high tourist appeal. Yet, to enjoy the best benefits of your investment, you must stay up-to-date with property maintenance and take care of repairs promptly.

Hiring a rental property management service is vital for succeeding with short-term rentals, but these professionals don't cover the costs of property repairs.

Read on to discover who is responsible for repairs and who pays the costs.

Do Guests Pay for Repairs in Greensboro, GA?

In line with the laws regarding landlord-tenant repairs, your short-term rental guests are only responsible for damages they cause. For instance, if they break a window, they must pay for the associated costs.

Most landlords will use money from the guest's security deposit to pay for these types of repairs. If the cost of the damage exceeds the security deposit, you can ask the guest to pay the difference.

Repairs as a Part of Rental Property Management

When a guest reports a repair, the landlord should respond immediately. If you don't perform the necessary repairs promptly, your guests may vacate. You also run the risk of them publishing a potentially damaging review online.

A property management service has property repair policies in place to help you avoid this. This is how it usually works:

  1. The guest reports the issue.
  2. The company evaluates the request.
  3. They reach out to contractors for estimates.
  4. The company schedules the repair.
  5. They follow up with the guest.

Property management companies either have in-house maintenance and repair teams or ongoing relationships with local contractors. In this way, they ensure you receive the best prices and swift service on repairs and maintenance.

They also perform routine property inspections to check for any small issues that need to be remedied. This prepares your unit for the next set of guests and can prevent larger repairs and replacements later.

The Landlord's Role in Rental Property Repairs

Property repair responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the landlord.

You must keep your short-term rental property maintained in line with Georgia building codes at all times. So, while your property manager can help you tremendously in this regard, you are still responsible for all property maintenance costs and repairs.

There are a few ways to facilitate this, and you must have a clear agreement on how you will proceed when you sign your property management contract.

It's best to set up a reserve fund for maintenance and repairs and give your property manager access to it. If preferred, you can ask that they request authorization for repairs that cost more than a specified amount.

If you don't have a healthy fund for rental management repairs in place yet, you can pay for the repairs when you receive the invoice. Alternatively, your property manager can deduct the costs from your rental income.

Streamline Rental Property Repairs in Greensboro, GA

Although a rental property management company doesn't pay for repairs, they can help alleviate the stress involved. Property managers help you save money, preserve the value of your property, and keep your guests happy.

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