Rental Property Inspections: How Frequently in Greensboro, GA?

Rental Property Inspections: How Frequently in Greensboro, GA?

Georgia has one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. That is great for property owners and investors, but it also means increased competition.

Landlords must put their best foot forward to attract quality tenants while protecting their interests. For this reason, it is important to conduct regular rental property inspections without going overboard.

This article explains how frequently you should carry out inspections. Keep reading to learn what factors to consider when putting a plan in place for your Greensboro property.

Move-In and Move-Out Inspections

There are two times that property owners should always do inspections: after a tenant moves out and before one moves in. Inspecting move-out lets you detect any damage done by the departing resident. This allows you to deduct any costs from the security deposit or take other actions, if necessary.

Regardless of how little time a property remains vacant, you should always inspect it before a new tenant moves in. All parties can go over a landlord inspection checklist and agree on the state of the property at the start of the lease.

Regular Inspections

Property owners should also do periodic inspections while a property is occupied. How often depends on several factors, but a good rule of thumb is at least every six months. Some landlords schedule inspections once per quarter.

One factor to consider is the general condition of the building. Older ones may need more oversight than newer ones.

Commercial leases almost always warrant more frequent inspections than residential ones. That is due to more complex HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, along with more foot traffic.

Another variable that can impact the property inspection frequency is how long a tenant has been there. For longer rentals with no history of issues, you may be able to stretch the duration between visits.

Keep in mind that rental property inspections are not only to detect a lack of tenant property care, but other issues as well. These include signs of pest infestations, damage from harsh weather, or normal wear and tear that needs attention. So, do not forgo inspections, even for good tenants who have been there a while.

Legal Requirements

Regardless of how often property owners do inspections, it needs to be spelled out in the lease. This is required by law, as it notifies the tenant of the inspection schedule and policies.

Many states have laws that require you to give adequate notice--usually 24 to 48 hours--to tenants about an impending inspection. Georgia does not have such a requirement. However, as a courtesy, it is a good idea to let tenants know about inspections that are coming up.

Also, a landlord is not allowed to enter a residence "unreasonably often." This is a bit vague, but if you follow the advice discussed in the sections above, you can be certain you comply with the law.

Learn More About Timelines for Rental Property Inspections

Now that you know how often to schedule rental property inspections, you can put a plan in place. Staying vigilant can help you protect your real estate interests while increasing tenant satisfaction.

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